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Mtest Labs forms significant partnership for advanced tech testing
Mon, 1st Jan 2024

Mtest Labs, an expert in digital application testing services, has confirmed a significant partnership with a headline tech company. The agreement outlines Mtest Labs' commitment to provide extensive testing support for the tech company's advanced Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML) and Gen AI-based applications.

The prominent deal aligns Mtest Labs as a key player in the fast-paced, evolving sphere of immersive and intelligent technology testing, according to a statement from the company.

The extensive partnership agreement stipulates that Mtest Labs will utilise their proficiency in AR, ML and Gen AI testing, to deliver thorough quality assurance services for their client's innovative applications.

Mtest Labs' involvement will span from functional testing, performance testing to compatibility testing, with the goal to ensure that the applications offer a smooth and enhanced user experience on various devices and platforms.

On the new partnership, Founder of Mtest Labs, Kishore Nuvvula, commented, "We are thrilled to be partnering with such a forward-thinking tech leader on this groundbreaking project."

"Our team of highly skilled testing assets possesses the deep understanding and specialised skillset required to effectively test AR and Gen AI applications, and we are confident that we will play a vital role in bringing the client's vision to life."

The contract comes in sync with the efforts made by Mtest Labs to establish a UK-based Device Testing Lab, aimed at boosting digital product development in AR, ML and Gen AI tech stacks through faster feedback loops.

The modern facility is planned to be equipped with a wide-ranging suite of advanced devices and testing equipment, authorising Mtest Labs to offer more superior testing services to its clients.

Nuvvula continued, "The establishment of our Device Testing Lab marks a significant step forward in our mission to become the premier provider of testing services for next-generation technologies."

"By investing in the latest technology and talent, we are committed to empowering our clients to deliver exceptional digital products that push the boundaries of innovation."

Recognition of Mtest Labs' expertise in comprehensive testing services, from web application testing, mobile app testing, API testing to now AR, ML and Gen AI application testing, reinforces its commitment to aiding clients in delivering high-quality digital products offering rich user expectations.

The resulting collaboration, backed by Mtest Labs' forthcoming Device Testing Lab, marks notable progression in the field of AR, ML and Gen AI testing.

Mtest Labs provides a comprehensive range of testing services, including web application testing, mobile app testing, API testing, and now, AR, ML and Gen AI application testing. Mtest Labs states the company is continually committed to helping its clients deliver high-quality digital products that offer rich user expectations.