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Alan Glazier Joins One Nexus as Commercial Director Amid Rebranding Initiative
Fri, 29th Sep 2023

One Nexus Group, a leading technology solution and professional services provider in the automotive industry, has announced the appointment of Alan Glazier as its new Commercial Director. This move comes in conjunction with the company's recent rebranding initiative, designed to consolidate its various product offerings under the unified One Nexus brand.

Alan Glazier, a distinguished figure with over 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, will be responsible for the company's commercial growth and development across its four core areas: aftermarket parts, mobility, fleet management, and innovations. His extensive career spans a range of roles including car dealerships, sales, and fleet management. Glazier was also the founder of his own leasing and contract hire company from 2000 to 2014, before joining Nexus Business Solutions in 2017 and later serving as the General Manager of Operations in 2019.

Reflecting on his new role, Glazier states: "My career to date has been exclusively dedicated to the automotive industry and its related sectors. During this time, I have witnessed a huge amount of change and transition in the industry, involving OEMs, dealerships, as well as attitudinal changes in the way people purchase vehicles."

The appointment comes at a time when brand loyalty to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is at an all-time high in a post-Covid world. Under Glazier's direction, One Nexus aims to adopt a more collaborative approach with stakeholders. The intention is to integrate its four key pillars—aftermarket parts, mobility, fleet management, and innovations—in a more synergistic fashion. This will allow both current and prospective clients easier access to the company’s extensive portfolio of solutions and services.

Glazier elaborated on his vision for One Nexus, saying: "I am incredibly passionate about the potential for One Nexus to continue apace in this field, and with this new approach, to cross verticalise between the various industries we serve across many different regions of the world."

He also praised the company's adaptive spirit, adding: "The inquisitive and agile nature of One Nexus, combined with the dynamic shifts in the industry of late, represents an opportunity for the company to become a recognised name in this industry and beyond, and I am extremely proud and excited to be leading this charge."

One Nexus' recent rebranding initiative and appointment of Glazier as Commercial Director signify a strategic shift for the company. The goal is not only to unify its offerings but also to leverage Glazier's extensive experience to lead the firm through an industry that is constantly evolving. With his leadership, One Nexus is poised to navigate the complexities of the automotive sector more effectively, solidifying its reputation as a holistic provider of automotive solutions.