The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimisation
2024 edition

Also known as SEO.

Nowadays, the main objective for every person or organisation owning a website is to appear as high as possible in search pages.

There are two options to reach the top of the first page, one requiring payment and one free.

The free option is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which consists of improving the rank level of a website by optimising its content.

SEO is mostly generated through a websites’ content as text and keywords. The key to a great SEO is in the relevance of the text and articles on a website. SEO can also be improved by the seniority of a domain name and traffic generated by the website.

SEO is crucial for any business looking for visibility without paying and there are many tools and services available nowadays to maximise efficient SEO.

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You can read more from the top players NDI, Google, Megantic, Storyblok, and AliExpress.
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