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VerifyMy appoints Lina Ghazal to lead regulatory & public affairs
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

VerifyMy, the online safety technology leader, has appointed Lina Ghazal as its new Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs. Ghazal, a seasoned veteran of Ofcom and Meta's policy teams, will now lend her expertise to spearhead VerifyMy's mission to create a safer internet environment.

VerifyMy's key focus is on age verification, an essential service aimed at the protection of minors from age-restricted sites including those for pornography, alcohol, and knives. Ghazal's role will see her integrated into this endeavour as the organisation seeks legislative change and industry collaboration to make the online world safer.

Lina Ghazal will take the lead in developing the company’s policy strategy, positioning VerifyMy as a catalyst for legislative change, effective implementation, and industry collaboration. Her appointment serves to embolden VerifyMy’s drive to devise trustworthy, frictionless solutions that permit online platforms to maintain their integrity, safeguard their users, and protect their reputations.

With over ten years in public affairs, Ghazal’s career has seen her embedded in Ofcom and Meta's public policy team. Her extensive experience situates her in an advantageous position for decision-making in online safety policy, a strength that VerifyMy seeks to capitalise on.

Her appointment comes during a period of significant growth for VerifyMy. Ghazal will consult on product development, harmonising opportunities with the demands of new regulations. Additionally, she will devise initiatives to promote the benefits of VerifyMy's state-of-the-art solutions. Ghazal will also cultivate relationships in civil society, collaborate with MPs, regulators, and government officials to encourage the development of effective protection while spurring innovation.

The landscape of online safety regulation is rapidly evolving in multiple jurisdictions. The victory of these initiatives will hinge on their successful execution, precisely when it concerns age assurance measures. Ghazal and VerifyMy, therefore, find themselves at the helm, providing assistance to governments and regulators in erecting robust safeguards to bolster the safety of young users online. VerifyMy remains committed to helping shape clear guidelines that protect users and allow online businesses to flourish.

"Lina is a critical addition to our team," said Michal Karnibad, Co-CEO of VerifyMy. "Her invaluable leadership and guidance come at a time of enormous regulatory changes in the online safety landscape. Her vast expertise, combined with the team's efforts, will enable VerifyMy to make a significant impact on advancing online safety and shaping the future for internet users worldwide."

Excited about her new role, Ghazal said, "I am delighted to join the VerifyMy team. My career has centred around this vital social issue, dating back to leading the first Ofcom discussion paper on the topic of addressing harmful content online. I am committed to driving change and fostering a safer online environment through age assurance and content moderation. My prior stint has inspired me to be a part of this team, as VerifyMy’s solutions provide a frictionless user experience while effectively improving online safety for millions of people."