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UK firms ekko & Primis pioneer sustainability in consumer journey
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

In a move towards integrating sustainability into the everyday life of consumers, two UK-based scale-up businesses, ekko and Primis, have announced a new partnership. The collaboration will incorporate a greater degree of sustainability into the post-purchase consumer experience, magnifying the role of responsible consumer actions in environmental preservation and care, the companies state.

Combining their expertise, the embedded sustainability fintech company, ekko, and Primis, a recognised player in providing innovative customer experience solutions, aim to revolutionise the post-purchase journey for consumers. By leveraging ekko's innovative technology, Primis can now provide valuable insights into the real environmental impact of consumers' purchasing decisions, thereby enhancing the overall customer journey and contributing to a more conscious society.

According to a statement, the partnership not only allows merchants to improve the end-to-end customer experience but also boosts brand activation. Retailers now have the opportunity to offer their customers options such as carbon offsetting, leaving reviews that contribute towards tree planting, or referring friends to initiatives that reduce plastic waste. The merging of sustainability with consumer experience underlines the shared commitment of both ekko and Primis to confront consumer challenges and build long-lasting, positive environmental impacts.

The collaborative efforts from ekko and Primis have already recorded a remarkable increase in open rates by up to 95%, indicating the potential for driving repeat purchases and encouraging climate-positive consumer behaviour. Moreover, it also fosters increased brand transparency and consumer trust. With the fusion of highly engaging consumer experience and concrete, traceable sustainability metrics, retailers can fuel customer engagement and evoke interest in broader issues such as climate change, thereby promoting long-lasting, climate-positive consumer actions.

Oli Cook, CEO and Co-Founder of ekko, commented on the partnership, “The post-purchase phase presents an opportunity to engage with online customers and embed sustainability into eCommerce practices. ekko is pleased to partner with Primis to revolutionise the post-purchase journey and highlight the environmental impacts of purchasing decisions." Rebecca Griffiths, CEO and Founder of Primis, also highlighted the significance of this partnership, “Primis and ekko are committed to transparency around the environmental impact of online shopping. By incorporating ekko's technology, we fulfil this need and deliver a service that could potentially impact millions."

This robust partnership underlines the shared vision of both companies and signifies a long-term arrangement, with both ekko and Primis poised for significant growth in 2024. By joining hands to provide engaging consumer experiences that have a positive impact on our environment, these innovative businesses are geared up to make a global difference and contribute to creating a more environmentally conscious society.