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Quantexa teams up with NHS & University of Liverpool for AI health hub
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

UK AI company Quantexa is collaborating with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Liverpool's Civic Health Innovation Labs (CHIL) to create a Global AI Hub for Health and Social Care in Liverpool. This pioneering alliance will initially address worldwide challenges in mental health, including the escalating rates of mental illness. The initiation of Quantexa's AI technology is facilitated by the £4.9m funding CHIL received from the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), assisting researchers, care teams, and patients in accessing, producing, and benefiting from mental health research.

The CHIL and its partners will apply the £4.9m OLS award to make more informed, accelerated decisions from NHS Integrated Care System data. The goal is to heighten the quality of services provided for patients and communities, particularly in the realm of mental health. Quantexa's decision-intelligence platform will be implemented by CHIL and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the largest trusts servicing physical and mental health in the Northwest and caters to over 1.4 million people.

Quantexa's AI technology will be deployed and refined for health & social care in parallel with CHIL's announcement about the £4.9m OLS funding for a Data-Action Accelerator initiative. This initiative is a technology-innovation engine for the NHS Cheshire & Merseyside's Data into Action Programme, in partnership with CHIL. M-RIC (Mental Health Research for Innovation Centre), a collaboration between the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Liverpool, is located within CHIL. M-RIC works to tackle international mental health challenges, including the rising rates of mental illness.

Quantexa is a fundamental AI partner in M-RIC's project, helping to establish a reliable data foundation to encourage the development of superior drug and digital therapies and enhance the coordination of care services. The company's mission, beginning with the inauguration of its first UK regional delivery hub team in Q2 2024, is to co-operate with the University of Liverpool and NHS innovators to harness AI-enabled decision-intelligence technology. This synergy will consolidate multiple data sources into a trusted data foundation that regularly equips researchers, care teams, and patients to access, collaborate on, and benefit from mental health research.

Quantexa is also committed to generating local jobs, primarily in the domains of engineering and product-focused research and development. This investment will further consolidate Quantexa's position as an integral member of the health and life sciences ecosystem in Liverpool and enhance its dedication to co-creation with the NHS, government organisations, and the private sector. The end-goal is to provide data and analytics solutions that meet the healthcare sector's objectives.

Vishal Marria, CEO of Quantexa, stated: "Quantexa's vision is to work with university and NHS partners to address global challenges in UK care programmes. Thanks to this OLS funding, we can collaborate with M-RIC to improve care by making contextual data more accessible to providers and patients." Professor Iain Buchan, Director of CHIL, added, "Our partnership with Quantexa allows us to bring forward patient benefits from data and AI technologies." Meanwhile, Professor Joe Rafferty, Chief Executive of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, emphasised how data and AI can "achieve better quality care for patients with mental health needs."

Continuing its commitment to ethical data and AI use, Quantexa remains dedicated to aiding the NHS and private sectors to support the healthcare industry's objectives.