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PPRO integrates popular Swiss payment method TWINT into platform
Mon, 11th Dec 2023

The leading digital payment platform, PPRO, has integrated the popular Swiss payment method, TWINT, into its offering. With over 386 million transactions throughout 2022, TWINT is favoured by more than half of the Swiss population, rendering it a vital option for online businesses intending to access Swiss clientele. The move is also expected to enhance online checkout experiences for users and potentially elevate conversion rates.

TWINT has amassed over 5 million active users and is responsible for a significant proportion of mobile payment transactions in Switzerland. PPRO's research reveals the Swiss e-commerce market to be worth approximately US$14 billion, with projections anticipating it to hit US$22 billion by 2027.

The Head of Payment Partnerships, EMEA at PPRO, Adrian Burgess, expressed his excitement about offering TWINT as part of their portfolio. He stated, "Payment service providers and merchants globally can now access this essential Swiss payment method in a market where mobile-first e-commerce is seeing impressive growth." He further mentioned, "Our partnership will unlock the full power of the US$14 billion Swiss e-commerce market for our customers, and open up the rest of Europe for Swiss consumers."

To further elaborate on the benefits of the PPRO-TWINT collaboration, the Chief Sales Officer at TWINT, Adrian Plattner said, "TWINT's goal is to make our users' lives easier on a daily basis. Our collaboration with PPRO as a connecting platform will enable many international merchants from a diverse range of industries to offer Swiss customers their favourite mobile payment method at checkout." He added, "This means that even more consumers and merchants benefit from easy, fast and secure payments via TWINT."

This integration showcases PPRO's dedication to simplifying international transactions for businesses and consumers alike, while it allows TWINT's secure and efficient payment method to reach a broader audience.