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Over half of UK HR professionals considering AI adoption, reveals report
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

According to the "WorkBuzz's State of Employee Engagement Report 2023/24", more than half (52%) of UK HR professionals state they are utilising artificial intelligence (AI) or are gravely contemplating its adoption. The report, which presents insights from over 400 UK-based HR professionals, also shows that the majority favour this cutting-edge technology to traditional systems.

The research discovered that, around a quarter (or 24% ) of those surveyed, claim that AI or similar technologies are already in use within their organisations or likely to be utilised within the subsequent year. An additional 28 per cent suggest they plan to consider its implementation in the foreseeable future.

Steven Frost, CEO of employee engagement specialist, WorkBuzz, believes the considerable potential of AI in HR is being recognised far and wide. He states, "Generative AI and in particular ChatGPT have been making waves over the past year, disrupting traditional industries and changing how we think about new technology. For HR leaders, AI has the potential to be transformative — allowing them to make smarter decisions, automate processes and improve productivity."

However, Frost also expressed that challenges still need to be addressed, such as overcoming bias, ensuring security and upskilling employees to use AI effectively: "But there are still many considerations to navigate".

The research by WorkBuzz additionally revealed fewer HR professionals in traditionally deskless industries, which encompass frontline workers in sectors such as leisure, manufacturing, construction and hospitality, were as eager to embrace AI. Less than half (49%) of respondents from these industries reported using AI or considering its adoption within the next 12 months.

Frost commented on this trend, noting "It appears that HR teams in industries with traditionally deskless workers may be slower adopters. And although many commentators are predicting that AI won't take jobs, workers might still be pushed out by those who know how to use AI, [suggesting] all organisations need to adapt and embrace this next technology, otherwise they’ll risk falling behind."

Furthermore, global research firm Gartner foresees generative AI solutions becoming integrated into current and future HR technologies within the next one to three years, with WorkBuzz's listening platform already employing AI for effective sentiment analysis.

Wrapping up his comments, Frost emphasised on the inevitability and the significance of AI and stated, "AI can't be ignored or stalled, with organisations increasingly reliant on its advanced machine learning capabilities to streamline everyday processes. The sooner this is recognised, the sooner HR leaders can transition their teams to an AI way of working."