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Oracle shows new generative AI for Fusion Cloud Applications Suite
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

Oracle has demonstrated a range of its new generative AI capabilities within its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. Showcased at Oracle CloudWorld London today, these new developments aim to enhance decision-making and improve both employee and customer experiences. Specifically, the fusion of generative AI capabilities existing within business workflows, including finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service, will optimise operations and competitiveness.

These newly launched additions to the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite deliver cutting-edge insights across finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing and service. Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, commented, "With additional embedded capabilities and an expanded extensibility framework, our customers can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest generative AI advancements to help increase productivity, reduce costs, expand insights, and improve the employee and customer experience."

Oracle supports over 50 generative AI use cases embedded within Oracle Fusion Applications, safeguarding customers' enterprise data, privacy, and security. The OCI Generative AI Service ensures customer data remains confidential and that only the respective customer can utilise custom models developed from their data, thereby fortifying sensitive information.

The newly incorporated generative AI capabilities include multiple operational enhancements for departments. Finance can leverage AI-generated narratives to swiftly identify anomalies, variances, and biases, decisively driving strategic decisions. HR professionals will have the ability to expediently build high-quality landing pages for different job categories, improving candidate engagement.

In the realm of supply chain and manufacturing, product specialists can now generate standardised product descriptions with conspicuous SEO keywords, augmenting customer engagement and boosting sales. Moving on to customer experience, novel generative AI capacities help call centre agents pen intelligible session summaries, thereby tracking chronic issues, streamlining agents' tasks, and ameliorating customer and employee experiences.

Complementing its recent endeavours, Oracle has expanded its Guided Journeys with an extensibility framework. This enables Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud SCM customers to add their unique generative AI capabilities that seamlessly integrate with their pre-existing Oracle Fusion Applications investments.

In addition to this, Oracle has announced an array of AI capabilities in its Fusion Data Intelligence offering. These new capabilities amalgamate data-driven insights with intelligent actions, optimising decision-making processes and enhancing business outcomes. T.K. Anand, Executive Vice President, Analytics at Oracle, remarked, "The new AI capabilities we are adding can help customers further improve decision making and rapidly turn insights into action."

The abovementioned developments demonstrate that Oracle is dedicated to continuous innovation and providing services that make a tangible difference to its customers. With Oracle's multi-dimensional approach, the power of generative AI can be harnessed across entire organisations, thereby increasing productivity, accelerating innovation, and securing a competitive advantage in today's digital landscape.