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Matillion data platform users see 271% ROI, study reveals
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

A fresh study by Forrester Consulting reveals that data engineers saved 70% of their time managing and maintaining pipelines while utilising Matillion Data Productivity Cloud. The data indicates significant productivity gains for data teams seeking to optimise efficiency. The study discloses material increases in productivity and an impressive 271% return on investment over three years for users of Matillion's data pipeline platform. Additionally, engineers reportedly saved 60% of their time constructing pipelines.

Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion, commented on the findings, stating, "We have long described Matillion as the data productivity platform; it is literally in the name of the Data Productivity Cloud. This study shows the substance behind that name and the material productivity gains for data engineering teams who choose to make their data business ready for analytics and AI with Matillion Data Productivity Cloud." Scullion expressed his delight that the investigation was conducted by Forrester, whose rigorous standards for such matters are highly regarded.

In an era where data innovation has become a powerful competitive necessity, the ability of data engineers to achieve more in less time whilst freeing up crucial resources is deemed transformative. The research, commissioned by Matillion and conducted by Forrester Consulting (a part of a leading advice and research firm), collated results from five anonymous sources from four customer data engineering departments into a single composite organisation.

An anonymous data scientist for a global financial services organisation disclosed, "I am now willing to take on more ambitious data projects. If we did not have a modern data stack, I would never start fine-tuning our own large language model. The work required to get the data ready to do that would have been an absolute nightmare. Now, [with Matillion and more,] the upfront expertise costs of data acquisition and engineering no longer scare me away from any project."

The intensifying demands on data teams have become increasingly prevalent, particularly with the rise of AI. Research conducted by Vanson Bourne in 2023 revealed notable findings, with 90% of data experts searching for ways to lighten workload increments resulting from fragmented pipelines and overwhelming business requests. Furthermore, 84% of participants described their workload volume as exceeding capacity.

Scullion further added, "The role of the data engineer is always shifting and evolving, and at a faster pace than ever with the advent of AI. Removing the heavy lifting of data engineering and substantially boosting productivity in this way, frees up engineering time to solve more business problems and innovate, including leveraging new technologies like AI."

The data source of this breakthrough study can be obtained at Key findings from the study included a three-year 271% ROI, a 60% saving in pipeline construction time, a 70% time-saving in management and maintenance of pipelines, 25% lower compute and infrastructure costs, and an increased data analyst productivity by fulfilling data requests 60% faster. Matillion Data Productivity Cloud provided a four-fold increase in data request fulfilment over three years.