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Keysight World conference will showcase cutting edge tech
Sat, 10th Jun 2023

Keysight Technologies will explore the rapidly evolving technologies reshaping the human experience at Keysight World: Innovate, the company's annual vision conference for technology leaders, engineers, and innovators. 

Kicking off on June 20, the virtual event features industry leaders and futurists sharing actionable insights into 5G, 6G, software-defined vehicles (SDVs), non-terrestrial networks (NTN), and digital healthcare.

“Gordon Moore challenged us all with his prediction on the speed of innovation, and his prediction influenced a lot more than just transistor density,” says Jeff Harris, vice president of portfolio and global marketing at Keysight Technologies. 

“Higher levels of electronics integration gave rise to entirely new levels of data sharing in standards like 5G and 6G, networks of powerful integrated sensors capable of autonomous driving, the emergence of affordable space networks, and the convergence of digital health technologies.”

“We see all these trends because our customers look to us to help them create development environments that push the boundaries in each of these industries. Keysight World: Innovate is our opportunity to share what’s possible in a few key markets in hopes of stimulating even more engineers and designers to pursue their development insights and disrupt us all.”

Each day of Keysight World: Innovate will centre on a disruptive technology theme, featuring an opening keynote from an industry expert highlighting near-term trends, a moderated panel discussion covering industry challenges, a visionary keynote from an industry luminary, and demonstrations of relevant Keysight solutions. 

There will be a session on mapping information superhighways of the metaverse with 5G / 6G. The foundation of the metaverse is connectivity. Multiple layers of 5G and eventually 6G connections must bridge connections seamlessly and co-exist peaceably for the metaverse to link everything. Devices from large to tiny will vie for relationships and require continuous updating with those that require hyper-fast latencies. Attendees will gain insight into how the future of 5G and 6G will help map the information superhighways of the metaverse.

The opening keynote will be by Jonathon Wright, the software test team chief evangelist at Keysight Technologies. And the vision keynote will be by Walid Saad, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Virginia Tech.

Another session will be on software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and the sensor fusion that drives them. 

SDVs are the next critical evolution in the automotive industry's journey toward full vehicle autonomy. Sensor modelling and fusion are the only ways to deliver this evolution. But how does the SDV make sense of all the data and decide what is most important to make accurate, near-instantaneous decisions on the road? Attendees will discover how much AI/machine learning processing is necessary for autonomous driving to work reliably without a network connection.

The opening keynote will be by Dariu Gavrila, group leader for intelligent vehicles at the Delft University of Technology. And the vision keynote will be by Chris Gerdes, professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University and co-director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS).

The conference will also have a session on emerging technology.

Emerging technologies like NTNs and digital healthcare are reshaping the world in ways we can only begin to imagine. The move to NTN to augment terrestrial 5G networks creates possibilities for whole-world connectivity and new applications for space-based massive internet of things. Artificial intelligence-driven digital healthcare and devices promise to drastically improve disease prediction, diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes. Speakers will address the technical hurdles that are standing in the way.

The opening keynote will be by Todd Humphreys, Ashley H Priddy centennial professorship in engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. And the vision keynote will be by Poppy Crum, neuroscientist, technologist, and chief technology officer at NextSense.