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Huawei obtains security certification for smart device OSs
Tue, 15th Aug 2023

Huawei has been awarded the highest security level available in the field of general-purpose operating system (OS) kernels. 

Huawei's HongMeng Kernel was awarded the industry's first Evaluation Assurance Level 6 Augmented (EAL6+) certificate as part of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC).

Huawei is the world's first intelligent device manufacturer to receive this certification in this particular domain.

Huawei says OS kernels are the foundation of OS security and privacy. CC, also known as the ISO/IEC 15408 standard, is an information security certification among the most influential in the global IT industry. CC is a widely used and globally recognized standard for product security evaluation.

SGS Brightsight, a security evaluation lab, performed the security evaluation for HongMeng Kernel. 

Mr Kai-Fan Chang, COO Asia of SGS Brightsight, says: "SGS Brightsight, as the largest security evaluation lab in the world, is honoured to perform the security evaluation of Huawei's HongMeng Kernel to reach international Common Criteria EAL6+ level." 

"We believe that HongMeng Kernel will become one of the most important building blocks in future Huawei IoT and mobile products. It also shows the dedication of Huawei to creating secure products," says Mr Kai-Fan Chang.

Gong Ti, President of Consumer BG Software Engineering Dept, Huawei, says, "The security capabilities of the HongMeng Kernel are now recognized by internationally accredited certification bodies, reflecting the fact that the HongMeng Kernel has reached the highest security level for OS kernels and bringing device and ICT security to new heights."

Dr Michael Lemke, Chief Security Officer of Huawei Germany, also comments: "Kernels are the foundation of system security and privacy. Huawei is committed to ensuring security and privacy in the ICT and device domains."

"Moving forward, Huawei will continue to comply with the shared global standards for foundational software and cyber security and ensure that the security capabilities of Huawei's products continue to meet internationally recognized best practices," says Dr Micheal Lemke.

The CC EAL6+ certificate marks a new level of industry recognition for Huawei's cyber security. Huawei has obtained over 500 certifications under industry-recognized cyber security schemes like CC, FIPS, PCI DSS, and CSA STAR.

Huawei maintains a solid track record in cyber security, and its efforts have earned widespread recognition in over 170 markets worldwide, serving more than three billion people. 

On the industry front, Huawei firmly believes that openness and collaboration lead to shared success. Huawei actively engages with the ICT industry, working with peers and industry stakeholders to share best practices in cyber security and privacy protection. 

In 2022, Huawei submitted nearly 300 cyber security standards proposals to 3GPP and GSMA. Working side-by-side with stakeholders all along the value chain, Huawei is innovating to bolster the industry's cyber security and privacy protection capabilities.