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French steel giant enhances operations with Getac's rugged devices
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

ArcelorMittal France, the foremost steel and mining company in the world, has fortified its trust in Getac's robust computing solutions since 2020. These solutions have bolstered their maintenance and production operations.

For carrying out these operations, the Dunkirk site in France utilises not only rugged tablets but also other facilities like docking stations, vehicle power adapters, and remote antennas, which are mounted directly on the machines. They employ Getac's sturdy F110 and A140 tablets, which have proven to be reliable and suitable for use in materials handling equipment that is subject to strong vibrations, heat, or dust, as well as intensive screen usage.

The world-leading steelmaker and mining company, ArcelorMittal, aims to produce smarter steels that positively impact both individuals and the planet. They strive to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs by using innovative processes. Simultaneously, the company aims to produce cleaner, more robust, and reusable steels. Furthermore, they focus on producing steels for electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructures, supporting societal transformation in the upcoming decades.

Equipping itself with Getac's F110 and A140 total solutions since 2020, ArcelorMittal France benefits from various IT solutions and accessories. These include docking stations, chargers, and remote antennas, along with comprehensive warranty coverage that includes accidental damage. Furthermore, the total solution includes technical service project monitoring for adapting the solutions to changing needs.

The completely rugged Getac F110 tablet enables ArcelorMittal to efficiently operate in a demanding environment due to its data storage capacity, autonomy, and quick data transfer capabilities which enhance efficiency. In addition, the robust A140 tablet provides workers with ample information courtesy of its 14-inch screen, consequently boosting their productivity via its dual removable and hot-swappable battery design.

Sébastien Denisselle, decarbo digital project manager, ArcelorMittal France Dunkerque, pointed out, "The Getac tablets have considerably improved the availability of our slab handling application and equipment. In fact, they have eliminated equipment-related network loss problems, as they can connect to the 4G/5G network." He also highlighted the tablets' user-friendly interface, which enhances the efficiency of field teams, and their quick adoption by operators.

Jimmy Lin, director, Getac Technology France, stated, "We're very proud to support a major group like ArcelorMittal in its digital transformation and drive to improve working conditions by equipping its teams with high-performance, mobile Getac rugged solutions." He underscored the benefits of Getac's rugged solutions: improved connectivity and uninterrupted availability due to 4G/5G capabilities, easy document viewing via the 14-inch A140 rugged tablets, flexibility of tablet deployment for optimised operations, and a comprehensive warranty.

Finally, Sébastien Denisselle added, "The flexibility of Getac tablets is a major advantage in busy operational environments. The ability to interchange tablets between different machines while remaining operational is a precious asset." He concluded that Getac tablets have been pivotal in improving ArcelorMittal's productivity, efficiency, and ability to maintain high-performance operations, even in the most challenging situations.