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DataStax launches RAGStack, a Gen AI solution powered by LlamaIndex
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

DataStax, a Gen AI data company, has recently announced the rollout of its out-of-the-box retrieval augmented generation (RAG) solution, RAGStack. The brand-new solution is powered by LlamaIndex, an open-source framework, and LangChain, and is specifically aimed at tackling the obstacles faced by enterprise developers in implementing RAG solutions.

RAGStack, now widely available, marks the first integration in public preview supported by LlamaIndex’s LlamaParse - a part of LlamaIndex’s new offering. RAGStack allows developers who utilise Astra DB a simplified API for transforming and parsing complex PDFs into vectors conveniently and swiftly. It takes its name from LlamaIndex, a data ingestion, indexing, and querying framework specifically designed to build generative AI applications and assist with ingestion pipelines necessary for enterprise-grade RAG solutions.

LlamaParse is crafted to deal with RAG over complex PDFs, enabling the clean extraction of tables by running recursive retrieval for more accurate parsing of the complex documents often encountered in business. Key benefits of RAGStack's integration with LlamaIndex include a Python distribution curated for and available on PyPI, providing a smooth integration with Astra DB, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and Apache Cassandra. Users are offered a live RAGStack test matrix and proven GenAI app templates, with the additional ability to use an enhanced index and parsing capabilities of LlamaIndex, either on its own or in combination with LangChain and their ecosystem.

Jerry Liu, Co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex expressed his enthusiasm about partnering with DataStax, stating, "Together, we're reshaping the RAG landscape by offering a simplified journey for not only enterprises but also developers looking to implement GenAI applications into production with ease. This collaboration embodies our commitment to simplicity, innovation, and limitless possibilities."

Imprompt, a company pioneering digital interaction with the 'Chat-to-Everything’ platform, is also integrating Astra DB from DataStax as their primary vector store with RAGStack powered by LlamaIndex, focusing on enhancing enterprise offerings while maintaining a high level of data privacy. "Our integration with RAGStack enables secure data exchange, powering innovation for global enterprises," said Jeff Schneider, CEO at Imprompt.

Davor Bonaci, CTO and Executive Vice President of DataStax, further highlighted the significance of the integration, stating, "Out-of-the-box RAG solutions are in high demand, so this integration is a significant milestone for our enterprise developers seeking to implement generative AI applications. By incorporating LlamaIndex into RAGStick, we are providing developers with a comprehensive GenAI stack that simplifies the complexities of RAG implementation, while offering long-term support and compatibility assurance."