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CIH Solutions to modernise WCG's IT operations with Halo platform
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

CIH Solutions has entered into a partnership with WCG, a player in the Midlands' further education sector. In this collaboration, CIH Solutions will focus on implementing the Halo IT service management (ITSM) platform. The move takes WCG's IT services a step ahead, promising improved efficiency and modernisation, according to a statement from the company.

WCG will migrate from its present call-logging system to the Halo platform, a decision slated to bolster the support framework for its IT team. Currently, the team caters to over 1,300 staff and 10,000 students distributed over six distinct campuses in the Warwickshire and Worcestershire regions. As such, a robust and flexible ITSM solution is needed given the geographical diversity of the campuses and the wide-ranging nature of the educational programmes offered by WCG.

In meeting this need, CIH Solutions anticipates introducing a system that will cater to the unique demands of WCG, while also accommodating seamless integration with the existing Google Workspace systems. The expected aftereffect of this milestone is a significant enhancement in the pace and quality of IT service provisioning at WCG. Additionally, the implementation will introduce advanced data reporting capabilities allowing for constant improvements to service delivery, thus falling in line with the strategic objectives of the business.

WCG chose to cooperate with CIH Solutions, considering the firm's successful history in the complex spheres of ITSM system design and delivery, strong acquaintance with Halo, and its specialised experience in the education sector. SPEAKING on the partnership, Matt Tennant, the IT Director at WCG, said, "Talking to Chris Hodder [CIH Solutions’ CEO], it became clear he had a very good working relationship with Halo. What’s more, he and his team fully understand the context of what we’re trying to do and the hurdles we may have to face – as well as some of the rather more unusual requirements we might have."

Tennant also added, "It’s also obvious that CIH Solutions have lots of experience in ITIL implementations and new process delivery, which is exactly what we’re trying to do. But, above all, it’s the focus on delivering value for us. It isn’t solely about the money, it’s also a wide range of other business benefits that will help to drive the implementation

WCG expects to set up Halo during the first half of 2024. This move will lay the foundation for a strategic, long-term relationship that is centred on elevating WCG's IT service capabilities.