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Challengers charity enhances productivity with cloud-based software bluQube
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

The South East charity, Challengers, known for providing leisure activities for disabled children and young people, has optimised their financial efficiency through the implementation of cloud-based accountancy software, bluQube. This comes after a competitive review identified the need for a system that could expedite financial operations and free up vital team resources.

The software replaced the error-prone, manually operated systems previously in use. The systems had been causing considerable delays and inaccuracies, particularly in the invoicing process. bluQube has now automated the process completely, saving the finance team a substantial amount of time. This change has delivered significant time savings of one day per month for the charity.

Andrew Kendall, Head of Finance at Challengers, testified to the software's efficiency, noting the swift implementation and improved speed of operations. Kendall remarked, "Since implementation earlier in the year, we have already seen some real efficiency gains." He celebrated the software's capacity to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, highlighting its positive impact in areas of invoicing, bank reconciliation, reporting and data migration.

Kendall also praised bluQube's robust approach to meeting ambitious targets and deadlines. "I thought we had set the bluQube team a tough target to go live within a month...however, this deadline was achieved fully," he said. He lauded the bluQube team for their deep understanding of the software and for their effective client communication, concluding that their proficient service was instrumental in making beneficial decisions for the charity.

bluQube comes with enhanced functionality via its Report-Pro feature, which enables quick setup of all reports for monthly review. Now, refreshing these reports each month takes the team less than an hour, a notable improvement from the full day it consumed previously. This efficient reporting process offers an accurate and rapid solution to a previously laborious and time-consuming task.

The software's customer care team was instrumental in swiftly establishing the new system and training Challengers' finance team. They also developed a tailored Salesforce integration for the charity, meeting the one month go-live target set for the project. The implemented software allows for bank reconciliation, real-time reporting, and automated debt management, allowing finance teams to dedicate more time to strategic and decision-making tasks.

A significant part played by bluQube was helping Challengers optimise its finance department. Lorraine Allison, Director - Customer Services at bluQube, discussed the company's pride in offering a high-quality finance solution that saves valuable time for businesses' finance teams. "By automating processes and integrating better with existing systems, the finance team wouldn’t be held back by mundane admin tasks anymore," Allison stated. She further emphasised how integrating bluQube offered insights into operations across the organisation, which in turn, increased company efficiency.