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Adobe leverages generative AI with latest Experience Cloud announcements

Adobe kicked off Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, the industry's Digital Experience Conference, by announcing generative AI innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Powered by Adobe Sensei GenAI, the new offerings will be natively integrated across Customer Journey Analytics, Experience Manager, Journey Optimizer and Marketo Engage for enterprise businesses to accelerate productivity and personalise customer experiences, the company states.

Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience Business at Adobe, comments, "The imperative for brands around the world today is achieving profitable growth, and the combination of driving internal efficiencies and delivering a great customer experience is critical to success.

"Generative AI is the great unlock in this equation, and with our latest Sensei GenAI innovations we are delivering organisations a true co-pilot to accelerate and enhance their efforts."

Sensei GenAI services leverage multiple large language models (LLMs), including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and FLAN-T5, for brands to generate and modify text-based experiences.

These services are anchored in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), which brings an organisations data and content together under a common language model. This data set allows brands to train generative AI models on proprietary customer insights, customising the output for brand-specific use cases.

The new Sensei GenAI services will fundamentally transform the ways brands connect with their customers and how they use Adobes enterprise applications: 

  • Customer Journey Analytics with Natural Language Queries: Brands will be able to query their data and answer critical questions about their businesses. Part of Customer Journey Analytics, which brings together data from online and offline touchpoints, the natural language interface will allow teams to instantly find out what is driving revenue and boosting engagement, while lowering the barrier for non-technical users to generate actionable insights.
  • Customer Journey Analytics with Intelligent Captions: Now generally available, intelligent captions will help brands understand the charts and graphs that are created by Customer Journey Analytics. Across different data visualisations, Sensei GenAI will produce text-based descriptions on key takeaways, enabling teams to get from data to insights with greater speed.
  • Marketo Engage with Dynamic Chat: Dynamic Chat provides brands an automated way to interact with prospects who engage online, addressing questions on products while assisting sales teams with custom responses and summarised interactions. Powered by Sensei GenAI, Dynamic Chat can now be used directly in Marketo Engage, the marketing automation solution.
  • Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Journey Optimizer with Marketing Copy Generation: Available now in beta, Sensei GenAI in Experience Manager Sites allows brands to create and modify copy for digital front doors such as websites or mobile apps. By selecting tone of voice and key words, teams can edit, rephrase or summarise copy. Users can train the generative AI model with their own collateral, ensuring content remains on-brand. In Journey Optimizer built on AEP and used to orchestrate omnichannel experiences brands can instantly create message variations for additional touchpoints such as email, web and mobile messaging.
  • AI Assistant for Adobe Experience Platform: As Experience Cloud powers digital transformation for leading brands, Adobe has amassed knowledge on how teams drive value from technology investments. Knowledge Chat, a preview powered by Sensei GenAI, lets users query a knowledge base via natural language and instantly access support materials for any application in Adobe Experience Cloud. 

Adobe Firefly for Enterprise

Adobe also announced Firefly for Enterprise, a new offering designed to help enterprises streamline and accelerate their content supply chain while optimising costs.

The new company-wide offering enables every employee across an organisation, at any creative skill level, to use Firefly as a standalone service, as well as with Express and Creative Cloud applications to generate, edit and share standout, on brand content.

As part of this new offering, Adobe states it plans to enable businesses to be able to custom train Firefly with their own branded assets, embedding the power of Firefly into their own ecosystem and generating content in the brands unique style and brand language.

Firefly is designed to be safe for commercial use and enterprises also have the opportunity to obtain an IP indemnity from Adobe for content generated by certain Firefly-powered workflows allowing them to deploy it across their organisation.   

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