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6 things to consider when choosing accounting software on Salesforce

Upgrading with advanced technology has become crucial for every business. While digital platforms such as CRM systems have continuously recorded higher demand in the last decades, businesses are now more interested in efficiency whilst using these technologies.

Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM platform, is an excellent example, as it offers valuable solutions for marketing, sales, services, accounting, finance, and more. Businesses can get extensive use for their specific needs on the Salesforce platform through customised applications such as finance apps, chatbot apps, DevOps apps, customer success apps, and many more great applications. The most important is to find the best fit for your business.

How to choose the best finance app on Salesforce?

Salesforce is an excellent CRM platform; however, it is not a comprehensive financial system on its own. Therefore, combining Salesforce CRM with a finance dedicated software helps businesses to simplify financial processes and automates manual accounting tasks.

When planning financial improvement with Salesforce, businesses must determine specific criteria and compare the features and benefits of each accounting software. Let us help you, and check our tips listed below. Get ready to transform your business.

1. Ease of Implementation: Ease of use and implementation is one of the important factors when choosing accounting software for Salesforce. Implementation and transition from one system to the another should be quick and smooth, avoiding unexpected costs and delays. To make the implementation process easy for you, ask whether the vendor offers consultation as part of the implementation. You can also consider testing features before installing the application. Take a look at accounting softwares that have a free trial on Salesforce.

2. Flexibility: Flexible software can easily adapt to user requirements and comes with extensive modules such as cash management, tax management, revenue management, invoice management, and many more feature for accounting. Flexible accounting software on Salesforce allows you to streamline all your financial processes.

3. Scalability: When choosing accounting software for Salesforce, you need to consider how the system would grow with your business, as your needs may change. A scalable accounting system allows you to easily change module configurations to increase functionality, such as adding more users and functions. Cloud-based accounting systems can offer just that. Consider moving from an ineffective on-premises accounting process to a cloud system.

4. Reviews: Customer reviews tell many things, but they don't always mean that the most reviewed services are the best fit for your business. Take some time to read customer reviews and case studies of your options before making a decision. Pay attention to industries that accounting software works with. For example, in technology, telecom, education, or nonprofit, whichever sector you are in, evaluate accounting software with a portfolio of customers in the same industries as you.

5. Price: is your potential finance app clear about its pricing? You should know how much this investment will cost your business. If you are dealing with a small budget, you can start with an application that is specific to SMB accounting. Accounting software for SMBs would be a good fit for the small budgets. Or, if you are a nonprofit, you can increase your efficiency with an accounting system that provides free service to a certain number of users.

6. Training materials: Does the software provide you with training materials on how to use it? Rather than investing in software you don't know how to operate, consider solutions that will offer consultation and training materials with your software purchase.

Now that you are familiar with the key factors to consider when choosing the best finance application for Salesforce, start your search for "Finance" or "Accounting" through Salesforce AppExchange now.

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