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Aimee Gethin stories

Aimee Gethin is a prolific writer with a keen eye on the intersections between corporate culture, team dynamics, and sustainable growth. She showcases a particular interest in how companies integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their operations, not merely as a compliance tick box but as a core driver of their business strategy. Through her insightful columns, Aimee underscores the significance of nurturing diverse and robust teams that are tightly aligned with a company's ESG considerations, demonstrating how such alignment can catapult a business to notable achievements, including prestigious certifications and consequential growth.

In her story on Zuto's COO, Aimee illuminates the transformative power of a people-first approach within the corporate realm. She delves into the narrative of Zuto's journey to receiving its B Corp certification, emphasizing the pivotal role that an inclusive and well-rounded team plays in steering a company towards sustainable success. Aimee's writings serve as a testament to her deep-seated belief that people count - stretching far beyond the circles of accountancy, and into the very heart of how businesses can flourish by prioritizing the welfare and development of their workforce alongside their operational goals.