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Zally & SoSquared host FLIP MCR to boost local tech scene
Fri, 12th Jan 2024

Manchester-based Zally, a leader in continuous user authentication, and SoSquared, a top influencer marketing platform in the UK, have united to host FLIP MCR on the 25th of January in Manchester. The event, strategically placed at the beginning of the year, intends to shore up the lack of venture capital activity seen in 2023 by congregating founders, CEOs, and investors together.

FLIP MCR is primarily aimed at local entrepreneurs who may be contemplating private investment in the upcoming year and intends to foster transparent discussions around this crucial topic. The event, which runs from 6 pm to 10 pm at Peak AI’s headquarters, aims to provide these businesses with practical information and introductions valuable to seed and pre-seed founders.

Patrick Smith, Zally's Founder and CEO, and Sam Royle, SoSquared's Founder and CEO will host this free event. The attendees will witness unique elevator pitches from notable investment professionals, short talks from guest speakers, and an interactive Q&A session, providing a fresh take on founder-investor events. Smith states, "FLIP MCR represents a new type of networking event. We're ready to facilitate all the candid yet essential conversations that founders need to have for the best chance of success in the next 12 months."

In addition to these opportunities, the event will feature an insightful fireside chat led by David Leitch and Richard Potter, Co-founders of Peak, a multi-national artificial intelligence company based in Manchester, which is expected to provide clarity on personal investment experiences faced by startups trying to scale their technology globally.

The joining of some of the region's key players under one roof also reinforces Manchester's recent growth as a leading tech hub. Businesses like Peak, SoSquared, and Zally reflect the vibrant ecosystem that continues to significantly contribute to the broader economy, supported by an expanding network of accelerators and investment programmes.

The event hopes to create an opportunity identical to those founders emerging from traditional tech and fintech hubs such as London, thereby retaining the high growth regional position. Smith conveyed this sentiment, stating, "it's essential that we continue to harness this momentum and ensure this flourishing community doesn't go to waste. Events like FLIP MCR are crucial to that effort and can help to cement Manchester's role as a high-growth economic powerhouse."

Adding to the enthusiasm, Sam Royle of SoSquared stated, "FLIP MCR is a testament to the united vision shared by businesses, investors, and supporters, acknowledging Manchester's pivotal role in showing the potential the North brings to our economic landscape."

Confirmed investors for the event include Andrew Sheffield, VC associate at Playfair; Tania Rahman, Investment Manager at Praetura Ventures; Katherine Spooner, Investor at Speedinvest; and Giles Moore, Regional Development Manager at Par Equity. These leading tech investors' involvement enhances the learning and networking opportunity that the event provides to the participating founders and CEOs.