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TrustInSoft unveils enhanced Analyzer tool at Embedded World 2024
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

TrustInSoft, a competitor in exhaustive C/C++ software code analysis, is set to showcase the new features in its Analyzer tool at Embedded Word in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9-11, 2024. The updated TrustInSoft analyser introduces input coverage metrics designed for abstract interpretation-based static analysis and can track the level of input generalisations when emulating billions of tests.

The tool's enhanced input coverage significantly enhances its tracking capabilities. This feature allows developers to fill gaps in code analysis efficiently. Furthermore, it ensures highly accurate test coverage, marking a significant shift from traditional coverage metrics, which pay attention to depth, generalisation, and proportion of the explored input state space.

Apart from input coverage metrics, TrustInSoft Analyzer also boasts enhanced verification metrics, detailed reporting, and improved user-friendliness. Among the key updates include Enhanced CERT-C Rule Reporting, which ensures software development complies with the CERT-C Secure Coding Standard, an important standard for safety and security.

The updated Analyzer tool also includes a new feature tailored for the automotive industry. It's equipped with AUTOSAR Classic integration, improving efficiency and reducing human error in automotive software analysis. Furthermore, the TrustInsoft Analyzer can effectively visualise key indicators and trends to monitor progression, ensuring that analysed code remains bug-free throughout the development process.

Responding to the tool's potential benefits, Benjamin Monate, Founder and CTO of TrustInSoft, said, "We are very excited about the new visualisation capabilities that enable users to more easily monitor the evolution of key indicators such as the number of bugs found, typical structural coverage metrics, code change indicators, and input coverage metrics."

The TrustInSoft Analyzer continues to be the trusted tool for industrial-scale sound code analysis. TrustInSoft reaffirms its commitment to helping developers achieve zero-defect and secure C/C++ code.

Expressing her excitement for the new capabilities, Caroline Guillaume, CEO of TrustInSoft, stated, "These advancements in TrustInSoft Analyzer not only enhance our ability to offer mathematical guarantees for zero-defect software but also align with industry standards, particularly for the automotive, IoT, and defence sectors."

TrustInSoft stands out for its Analyzer tool's capabilities in leveraging formal methods to provide mathematically proven guarantees about software safety and security. This level of assurance reduces the risk of costly security breaches, robustness bugs, and standards testing issues and significantly decreases software testing efforts and costs.

TrustInSoft's innovative enhancements to its Analyzer tool at Embedded World 2024 signal a significant step forward in ensuring software safety and security. With improved input coverage metrics, verification capabilities, and industry-specific features such as AUTOSAR Classic integration, TrustInSoft remains at the forefront of industrial-scale code analysis.

By providing mathematical guarantees for zero-defect software and aligning with industry standards, TrustInSoft continues to empower developers across various sectors, including automotive, IoT, and defence, to achieve robust and secure C/C++ code efficiently.