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Story image unveils Tray Advantage to bolster enterprise automation efforts
Thu, 11th Jan 2024, an AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS creator, has announced the launch of Tray Advantage, a comprehensive service suite featuring extensive support, technical resources and educational services, aiming to bolster enterprise integration and automation initiatives.

The Tray Advantage program, which is now a part of every subscription, includes a wide array of services designed to stimulate customer engagement and provide improved operational support. Tray Academy, an interactive educational platform designed to cater to various learning requirements, forms an integral part of the program. From beginners to experts, Tray Academy offers courses that help users become proficient in creating efficient and scalable workflows on Tray while also imparting a broader understanding of effective automation principles.

The Tray Community, an initiative under Tray Advantage, provides a platform for automation enthusiasts of all skill levels to ask questions, learn tips, and share experiences, best practices, and innovative use cases. The program also facilitates faster automation development within the platform through access to a library filled with pre-configured workflow templates and reusable automation assets. This approach allows businesses to become operational quickly by avoiding creating every workflow from scratch.

In addition to these core offerings, users are invited to live, practitioner-led workshops for hands-on learning and skill development. These workshops ensure that teams remain up-to-date with the latest automation techniques. The program also underscores the importance of a responsive and knowledgeable support team, providing universal access to's global support system, ensuring that every business can integrate and automate with confidence.

The Tray Advantage program is complemented by an advanced platform, Tray Advantage Plus, which offers additional resources and technical assistance for customers with more complex requirements. Moreover, customers can benefit from a range of delivery services, including Tray Launch, Tray Accelerate and Tray Assurance, each designed to assist teams in managing their automation projects and ensuring the success of partner-led projects.

Dominic Lewis, Co-founder and CRO at said: “Automation leads to direct improvements in business operations and sets organisations up for future success. To reap the full benefits, it’s imperative to instil automation as a skill set across the workforce."

"Unlike other iPaaS providers, the integrative approach of Tray Advantage transforms automation challenges into opportunities and offers a customer experience designed to reimagine the way people collaborate to improve business processes. At, we’re focused on ensuring everyone with a role in an enterprise’s automation journey is well-equipped, educated and engaged.” 

Commenting on the launch, Thomas Fisher, Director of Growth and Client Success at Cloudscale, said: "We have collaborated with a variety of iPaaS providers, giving us a panoramic perspective of the competitive landscape. Collaboration with empowers us to offer innovative automation solutions and superior support to our customers."

"As a partner, we are proud to be an integral part of the Tray customer experience as a complement to Tray Advantage and Advantage Plus," says Fisher.