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Seagate releases fifth annual Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

Seagate Technology, the provider of mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, has revealed its fifth annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report, duly titled 'Crafting an Inclusive Datasphere'. This comprehensive report outlines the firm's contributions in the fiscal year 2023 across Representation, Inclusion, Social impact, and Equity (RISE). The company's growth in these imperative areas is a robust indicator of progress towards its worldwide DEI objectives.

The noteworthy accomplishments featured in Seagate's DEI Report substantiate the company's continual evolution in line with its RISE index. A significant uptick in the representation of women in all leadership echelons has been reported. The numbers have risen by over 3% since FY21 to stand at 33.6%. Furthermore, Seagate has bolstered inclusion measures through the introduction of new employee-led resource groups, which tally a substantial 29 chapters situated in seven countries, attracting an impressive global participation comprising more than 3,700 personnel.

Some of the newly inaugurated chapters include the Seagate Women’s Leadership Network set up in India and the Military Employee Resource Group established in Fremont, CA. In its ongoing mission towards enhancing social touchpoints, the firm has delved into community outreach, emphasising STEM awareness within its extensive global footprint. Seagate's recent inclusion accomplishments extend to improved equity through more inclusive and equitable hiring strategies. The company reported onboarding 325 global interns, encompassing students from the National Society for Black Engineers and has amplified concerted efforts to recruit and actively reach out to their veteran workforce.

With a significant workforce of approximately 30,000 employees across 41 locations worldwide in the fiscal year 2023, the company maintains a steadfast commitment to nurture a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment. As per Seagate, the company’s dedication to endorsing the fundamental value of inclusion permeates every aspect of its operations.

Heather Howell, Seagate's director of diversity, equity and inclusion, underlined the driving ethos behind the company’s diversity endeavours. She stated, "Seagate is fully committed to a thriving workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive for everyone. Culturally, we are defined by our global values and the only way we can reach our full potential is if the voice of our workforce is empowered, heard, and respected. We believe Seagate's inclusive culture directly feeds into our innovative nature and is key to delivering value to our customers."

This year’s DEI report articulates Seagate’s ongoing endeavours to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive corporate culture in a tangible and measurable fashion. Such concerted efforts are clear indicators of the enterprise’s determination to continually improve and sculpt an inclusive and progressive workplace that values the perspectives of all its employees equally.