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RingCentral unveils RingEX, an AI-integrated business phone system
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

RingCentral has released its new business phone system at Enterprise Connect. The solution, known as RingEX, utilises RingCentral's proprietary RingSense AI technology in a unique demonstration of the potential of AI to enhance workplace productivity.

The new RingEX with RingSense AI system will replace the RingCentral MVP as the company's flagship solution. Offering a suite of AI capabilities such as real-time call notes, conversation intelligence, an AI writer and translator for messages, and a generative AI search, RingEX with RingSense AI is designed to streamline and elevate every conversation more efficiently.

Complex phone calls, SMS, meetings, and messaging will become more manageable and insightful with the introduction of this new business phone system, according to the company. The intelligence injected into these functions could prove invaluable in saving employees' time on otherwise tedious tasks, thereby allowing them to focus more on the creative and strategic aspects of their responsibilities.

"AI brings a shift from unifying communication modes and functionality to merging employee and customer experiences, and it's exciting," commented Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RingCentral. He emphasised the transformative potential of utilising AI in expanding daily productivity and enhancing interaction efficiencies. Furthermore, he expressed optimism that the introduction of RingSense AI into RingEX will deliver actionable insights from data-rich conversations across a variety of contact points.

Rather than a mere overlay, RingSense AI forms an integral part of the RingEX platform, distinguishing it from other systems that only provide AI support for video and messaging. Among the many features facilitated by RingSense AI in RingEX are real-time note-taking, powerful conversation intelligence, an unread message recap function, AI writer and translator for messages, and generative AI search.

Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO at Aragon Research, acknowledged the significance of the development, stating that "Historically, voice-driven data has been largely inaccessible at scale." However, with the introduction of RingSense AI into RingEX, this isolated data can be converted into essential insights and action items, revolutionising our understanding of complex conversations and automating tasks seamlessly from within the system.

The new RingSense AI for RingEX is currently under limited preview among a selected number of customers, with further specific information on pricing and full release set to be announced in the coming months. It has already generated a significant level of interest from existing partners and customers, leading to the establishment of a waiting list for access to the preview.

As well as upgrading the business phone system's foundation, RingSense AI is also designed to enhance collaborative intelligence across teams, transforming both employee and customer experiences alike. The AI is being integrated into other applications, such as RingCentral's native omnichannel contact centre, RingCX, which boosts agent performance. It is also being used in RingSense for Sales, providing sales teams with actionable intelligence seamlessly integrated into CRMs, and RingCentral Events which simplifies event management with AI-powered capabilities.

RingCentral has built its RingSense AI-driven solution with an approach labelled as 'privacy by design'. The solution is tailored to solve specific problems across various use cases, seamlessly orchestrating between RingCentral's own proprietary AI and third-party models to ensure optimal suitability and a high level of security.