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REGnosys & WISE partner to tackle gender inequality in tech sector
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Regulatory technology firm, REGnosys, has joined forces with award-winning social enterprise, WISE, to address gender inequality in the technology sector. The collaboration is set to bolster representation and awareness of STEM subjects and careers among young women through the advancement of female role models in the industry.

It is reported that only 24% of the STEM workforce comprises women. This has been largely attributed to a shortage of female role models in the sector and a marked lack of information about potential opportunities. The partnership will support WISE's mission to promote parity within the field and bring much-needed attention to STEM-related careers among younger women.

The partnership will focus on the upliftment of women prevalent in tech, thereby inspiring more young women to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. The lack of representation and accessibility to career information for girls are perceived as significant obstacles to entering the field.

Research conducted by WISE illuminates the profound influence that role models have on the interest of females in STEM subjects. Reportedly, the presence of these figures practically doubles the number of girls bearing interest in STEM in Europe. Among girls who have role models, there is a marked 41% interest in the STEM field, compared to 26% of those without such influencers. Girls with role models also display an extensive interest in all aspects of STEM beyond just the expertise of their mentors.

Despite various steps taken, multiple challenges remain, including a gender pay gap reported by 79% of women in tech. The presence of a notable discrepancy in the exposure of girls and young women to tech careers compared to their male peers, persists. The collaboration between REGnosys and WISE aims to directly address these challenges, and deliver women-centred equity, diversity, and inclusion solutions for the STEM sectors.

Commenting on the partnership, REGnosys Chief Executive and Founder, Leo Labeis said: "To address the issue of gender inequality from the ground up, it is imperative that we face the harsh realities of the situation and do what we can to promote the role models currently working in the sector. We are delighted to have delivered on our pledge to boost women's representation within our company, which now sits at 38%. By partnering with Wise, we will bolster and develop our long-term commitment to DEI in the workplace."

Kirsty Carotti, Software Engineer at REGnosys / Vice-Chair of the WISE Young Professional Board added: "I am thrilled that REGnosys have decided to partner with WISE. I was lucky to have role models and the support to pursue my career aspirations, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. Through this partnership, we can help to champion women in the sector and raise awareness for the next generation."