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Plymouth Marjon University integrates AI tool for quicker student feedback
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Plymouth Marjon University has integrated the latest AI learning technology from Studiosity+ into its existing student support services. This addition ensures students get formative feedback on their work in minutes, enhancing the university's popular 24/7 study skills service.

Launched in February, Studiosity+ employs AI to offer incredibly quick, ethically and equitably delivered academic writing feedback to all students. The service is not merely focused on error correction but is used as a tool for enhancing learning. The 'Humans in the Loop' process inherent in the Studiosity+ system underpins quality assurance, academic governance, and oversight, providing due diligence in service delivery and development.

With this integration, universities are able to monitor students' progress, identify potential problems, and facilitate next steps, which significantly benefits learners. It also offers actionable insights that can be utilised for holistic institutional changes.

Plymouth Marjon University first collaborated with Studiosity in 2018, providing its students with on-demand access to a plethora of services, such as writing feedback and one-on-one academic support in real-time. The addition of Studiosity+ takes the 24/7 student support service a notch higher, offering near-instantaneous writing feedback.

Explaining the reason behind the collaboration with Studiosity, Kerry Kellaway, Head of Library at Plymouth Marjon University, stated, "We started working with Studiosity because we have a diverse student group including first-in-family students, mature students, and a lot of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who might not necessarily come to university with the requisite writing skills."

Over the past five years, the university has built a substantial relationship with Studiosity. "The study support service is well respected and well used by our students," Kellaway continued, "Studiosity's turnaround time has always been impressive, just five hours for comprehensive feedback."

Kellaway disclosed that Plymouth Marjon University is aiming for a 40% usage of Studiosity+ among its student community and plans to utilise it as a pedagogical tool for initial assessments. This introduction will complement the university's on-site study skills service and inculcate a system of independent learning among the student community.

Isabelle Bristow, Managing Director at Studiosity for the UK and Europe, commented: "We are delighted to extend our partnership with Plymouth Marjon University. Our latest research, commissioned through YouGov as part of our Global Student Wellbeing Survey, found that the majority of students in most countries now expect their university to offer AI support tools."

Bristow added that the main reasons behind this are the desire for quick feedback and assurance that they are on the right track with their assignments. "Studiosity+ meets this demand and supports our mission to provide personal, at-scale, ethical, formative feedback that complements and amplifies in-house university student support services," Bristow concluded.

Plymouth Marjon University's integration of Studiosity+ represents a significant step forward in enhancing student support services through innovative AI learning technology. By providing near-instantaneous, formative feedback on academic writing, the university strengthens its commitment to student success and aligns with evolving student expectations for quick and effective support. This collaboration underscores the importance of leveraging technology to empower learners and foster academic excellence in higher education institutions.