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New Relic releases Live Archives for enhanced log retention
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

New Relic, the observability platform for engineers, has announced the general availability of its product, New Relic live archives. This new entity enables the immediate accessing of historical logs and minimizes the need for data rehydration, reloading, re-indexing, or moving to various locations. The feature permits the retaining of system logs in dynamic and enhanced states, thereby offering engineering teams a rapid response to regulatory requirements and minimalizing compliance risks.

New Relic live archives have been introduced to the market at a price one-fourth lower than other long-term log storage solutions. This product makes it possible for engineers to maintain and access the historical logs for up to seven years, emerging as one of the most cost-efficient compliance solutions on the market.

Regulations such as HIPAA, U.S. Executive Order 14028, Basel II Accord, CIS, PCI DSS, SOX, and SOC 2 require organisations to retain their logs for a substantial number of years. Historically, however, IT and engineering teams were confronted with restricted choices for long-term log storage. As a result, teams had to choose between expensive hot storage solutions that are simple to utilise and excessively complicated cold storage solutions that often result in unexpected costs when old logs need to be reactivated.

Stephen Elliot, the Group Vice President for Operations at IDC, comments, “Most log data is unused until it's needed, and some data is only required for compliance purposes or pulled for postmortem analysis. Keeping data in stagnant archives is not practical or worth the cost. However, the need to access data promptly at an efficient cost is in demand, and a solution that offers both is a victory for users."

New Relic live archives grant instant access to and easy analysis of long-term historical logs. The storage of these logs within the New Relic Data Platform for up to seven years in an active and enriched state adds significance to their functionality.

Eddie Hughes, VP of Software Engineering at Bed Bath & Beyond, expresses his excitement about the launch of the live archives feature since it would allow their engineers to gain insights and learn from historical log data. This tool will also assist the organisation in meeting the mandatory compliance requirements for retaining data, consequently achieving a superior digital experience at each customer interaction point.

Manav Khurana, New Relic's Chief Product Officer, highlights the increasing complexities that organisations face in technical regulatory conformity, especially with the ongoing integration of generative AI into their complex tech stacks. He argues that live archives would 'empower teams to keep their log data in one place while providing instant access, deeper visibility, and greater context, which helps simplify historical log analysis and streamline regulatory compliance.'

Peter Marelas, New Relic's Chief Architect for Asia Pacific and Japan, emphasises the diversity of the Asia Pacific region, which amplifies the challenge for organisations trying to meet varying regulations concerning log retention. He adds that the live archives feature would enable engineering teams to access and respond to regulatory requests promptly, reducing compliance risk while being cost-effective in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

Live archives is now internationally available at USD $0.005 GB per month until September 1, 2024.