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IT decision-makers anticipate growth in data centre investment, study finds
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

New research by Telehouse reveals that over three in five IT decision-makers anticipate a significant increase in their organisation's investment in data centre infrastructure. This digital infrastructure is viewed as a potential risk by 95% of businesses.

The survey, carried out on 250 UK IT decision-makers, was intended to understand their views on the challenges, opportunities, and objectives relating to digital infrastructure over the next ten years.

The study revealed a sharp increase since 2020 in the concern over the integration of AI and data analytics, with one-third citing it as their main worry, up from 23% last time the survey was carried out.

Maintaining security and compliance constitute the second most common concerns as cyber attacks remain the most feared driver of network downtime in the coming decade, according to 33% of the respondents.

As AI continues to advance rapidly, navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and dealing with new compliance duties may become an increasing challenge.

Reducing the environmental impact of IT infrastructure is another expected challenge, especially as deadlines approach for 17% of organisations committed to achieving net-zero goals by 2030 or earlier.

These businesses are under increasing pressure to enhance operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions before the looming deadline.

The results of this research paint a clear picture of the challenges that businesses face within the realm of digital infrastructure. Mark Pestridge, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Telehouse Europe, commented on the findings, recognising the advantages of incorporating colocation.

"The computational capabilities found in contemporary data centres are ideally suited to the challenge," he remarked, highlighting how leading colocation providers are consistently presenting tailored solutions to meet clients' needs, such as high-performance systems for AI applications and sustainable tools.

The full report titled ‘Understanding the infrastructure challenges and investments as you navigate the next decade’ contains more in-depth insights into these findings and the challenges businesses need to prepare for in the next decade within the sphere of digital infrastructure investment.

Telehouse is a global data centre service provider, bringing together more than 3,000 business partners including carriers, mobile and content providers, enterprises and financial services companies.

Established in 1989, Telehouse is focused on providing reliable, secure and flexible colocation, enabling organisations to accelerate speed to market and create business opportunities through interconnections.

The Telehouse London Docklands campus is Europe's most connected data centre campus. The organisation is a driving force for sustainability in the data centre industry and powers its data centres with electricity from 100% renewable sources.