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Fastly introduces Bot Management to combat online fraud
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Fastly, a global provider of edge cloud platforms, has introduced Fastly Bot Management to help organisations fight off automated bot attacks at the edge to significantly reduce the risk of fraud, DDoS attacks, account takeovers, and other online abuses. This marks a significant advancement in Fastly's cybersecurity efforts and builds on the bot prevention expertise already present in the company's Next-Gen WAF.

"Organisations are more and more delivering enhanced digital experiences to their users at the edge. Naturally, cyber opponents have followed, making the need to identify and halt attacks as close to the source as possible all the more critical," commented Christopher Rodriguez, Research Director of Security & Trust, IDC. He views Fastly's decision to expand its bot protection capabilities via its flagship edge cloud platform as both timely and a logical next step in the company's cybersecurity strategy.

"Every day, malicious actors, including bot operators, aim to disrupt and illegitimately monetise e-commerce and other Internet activity with automated attacks, putting organisations in danger of fraud, security breaches, and account hijacks," said Kip Compton, Chief Product Officer at Fastly. "Fastly Bot Management, as a unified part of our security offerings powered by Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform, helps our customers, particularly global e-commerce and media firms, defend these attacks with a simple, single platform solution which scales with their website and app needs and lowers fraud risk and infrastructure costs."

Fastly's Bot Management solution elevates the company's overall security capabilities, which are trusted by customers to significantly fortify their security in real-life uses. In fact, nearly 90% of customers use Fastly's Next-Gen WAF in full-blocking mode, demonstrating their confidence in Fastly's solutions.

Paul Laleu, Chief Technology Officer at Le Monde, commented, "Fastly's new Bot Management solution provides detailed visibility and rule-setting ability to let the good traffic in and keep the bad traffic out, which assists us in protecting our content and decreasing infrastructure expenses."

Fastly Bot Management protects websites, applications, and precious data from harmful automated traffic. The solution instantly classifies non-malicious bots and malicious bots at the Network Edge and provides several server-side and client-side mitigation techniques. It's built for modern development teams, offering simplicity of use, developer-friendliness, and high performance through the power of Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform.

Customers will benefit from reduced fraud and resource abuse through a multi-layered approach that automatically identifies and stops malicious bots. They will also experience a safe customer experience with Fastly's edge-based solution, which helps reduce latency and ensure app performance. Unified bot prevention, application security, and delivery services through a developer-friendly console will allow teams to speedily deploy and deter attacks.

Fastly Bot Management is now available to all Fastly Edge Cloud Platform customers.