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Exclusive: Nutanix enters an exciting phase as enterprise transformations accelerate
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Sammy Zoghlami, SVP for EMEA at Nutanix, sees an evolving landscape of cloud computing and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions in 2024. He also believes that Nutanix has a pivotal role in this transformation. As a vendor that prides itself on being born in the cloud era, Nutanix stands out for its innovative approach to managing data across various platforms, irrespective of the underlying hardware. This agility and versatility offer a compelling proposition for businesses navigating today's complex digital environment.

"Nutanix was born in the cloud era, giving us a unique advantage. We began with a blank slate, which allowed us to create a software stack that seamlessly manages compute, storage, and network resources across any hardware platform," Zoghlami says. This approach not only caters to businesses with significant legacy investments in storage and hardware but also ensures that Nutanix remains hardware agnostic, a crucial differentiator in today’s market.

Zoghlami detailed how Nutanix simplifies the migration to cloud environments, making it both cost-effective and swift. "Our software layer significantly reduces public cloud expenses, often achieving double-digit cost reductions for our customers," he said. This efficiency is crucial for companies aiming to exit their data centres within tight deadlines, offering a streamlined path to the cloud without the burden of maintaining dual environments.

Reflecting on the broader industry trends, Zoghlami noted a shift towards more educated decisions regarding cloud adoption. Companies are now more adept at deciding which applications to move to the cloud, driven by factors such as service level agreements (SLAs), costs, and regulatory requirements. "The landscape has evolved from using multiple clouds to a truly dynamic multi-cloud environment, managed through a single pane of glass," Zoghlami observed.

With VMware’s $61bn acquisition by Broadcom now, finally, complete, it has left partners, customers and employees of the virtualisation software pioneer unsure about what the future holds. Zoghlami also detailed how Nutanix can help VMware customers looking for a Plan B, “from what we at Nutanix are hearing, customers are noting changes, and many are starting to look elsewhere. We are being told that VMware customers want a level of choice, value and pricing certainty that they are no longer confident of getting. So, what can VMware customers do? A dual-vendor strategy is, of course, a bargaining chip. If pricing gets hiked, R&D is neglected or service levels drop, then the customer can credibly threaten to move all workloads over to a provider like Nutanix if they don’t get the terms they want. We naturally believe that Nutanix is the best option for organisations looking to reduce their dependence on VMware, but at the very least, this could be the time for tough talking and decisive action to avoid disappointment down the line. In the event of needing a full alternative, then it is just a matter of moving their remaining VMware workloads over to the other vendor.”

On the subject of regional differences, Zoghlami highlighted the unique requirements in Europe and the UK, where regulations, security, and data sovereignty play a significant role. "The need for data control and sovereignty is more pronounced in Europe, making it an ideal playground for Nutanix," he explained, suggesting that stringent regulations actually bolster the company's relevance to its customers.

Nutanix's response to the burgeoning fields of AI and machine learning was also discussed. The company has embraced these technologies by integrating cutting-edge GPU technologies and launching its own reference architecture for generative AI workloads. "AI is just another workload for us, requiring the right resources and architecture to run efficiently," Zoghlami stated, underscoring Nutanix's adaptability to the needs of modern enterprises.

A cornerstone of Nutanix's strategy is its extensive network of partnerships across hardware, software, and cloud platforms, which include giants like AWS, Azure, HPE, and Cisco. These collaborations enhance Nutanix's ability to offer comprehensive solutions that address a wide range of customer needs, from cloud migration to local data sovereignty.

Moreover, Nutanix plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability within the IT sector by enabling businesses to significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. "We've been contributing to our customers' sustainability agendas for years, offering substantial energy and cost savings," Zoghlami noted, highlighting the growing importance of green IT initiatives.

In addressing the critical issue of cybersecurity, Zoghlami reassured that Nutanix’s foundation is built on robust security measures, drawing from its early experiences with defence sector clients. "We've integrated compliance checks and features like micro-segmentation into our code, enhancing our customers' security posture against increasingly sophisticated threats," he explained.

Zoghlami expressed his enthusiasm for the year ahead, marking it as an exceptionally promising period for Nutanix. "This is probably the most exciting year for me and for Nutanix. We are at the forefront of supporting businesses in their cloud migration, AI development, and sustainability efforts," he said. With 26% year-over-year ARR growth and a net promoter score above 90, Nutanix is poised to continue its mission of delivering unparalleled service and innovation, making it a vital partner for businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape.