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Equinix top choice for private AI infrastructure deployment
Thu, 4th Jan 2024

Equinix, the world's digital infrastructure company, has emerged as a preferred location for deploying private AI infrastructure. The company's cloud adjacency, international reach, robust ecosystems, and low-latency interconnection to global networks are among the features that make Platform Equinix stand out as a popular choice for both enterprises and service providers.

As businesses increasingly turn to public AI models to exploit knowledge and insights, they often require a non-public environment for preserving control over sensitive and confidential data. Setting up private AI infrastructure at Equinix allows digital leaders to capitalise on public frameworks while ensuring that an organisation's most treasured business data is kept out of the public domain. Private AI provides risk protection and the value of trained AI models, allowing companies to unleash the full power of AI.

Equinix is directly utilised by enterprises for setting up their private AI infrastructure, and by service providers for offering private AI services to their customers. Both groups can benefit from the flourishing AI ecosystem at Equinix, which notes a concentration of buyers and sellers situated in proximity to major cloud on-ramps.

Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services, IDC, Dave McCarthy, has commented on the trend: "As enterprises increasingly seek to harness AI for competitive advantage, they often need a non-public environment where they can retain full control over their sensitive and proprietary data. These same needs propelled the widespread adoption of private cloud years ago and are now driving demand for private AI."

Jon Lin, EVP & General Manager, Data Center Services, Equinix, stated: "With private AI, businesses don't need to choose between the power of AI and data privacy, performance or predictable cost. Companies are turning to Equinix as the place where private AI happens, as they locate compute resources in proximity to data and seamlessly leverage public cloud capabilities."

Among the enterprises making use of Equinix for private AI are, a European gaming company, Continental AG, an autonomous-driving intelligence leader,, fighting inequity in diagnosis and treatment with AI products, and Tape Ark, experts in tape-to-cloud migration. All these companies have deployed in various locations with Equinix, leveraging its global presence and low-latency connectivity to enhance their business practices and maintain compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

In terms of GPU aaS, Crusoe Energy, Juice Labs, and Lambda are three entities that have found the extensive geographical coverage of Equinix highly beneficial for their AI deployments. This enables these companies to facilitate low-latency interconnections of disparate GPU resources, and to provide secure and high-performing networking reaching across the globe.

In a global context, according to IDC, by 2025, G2000 organisations will be allocating more than 40% of their primary IT spend to AI-related projects. This, it is suggested, will lead to a double-digit increase in the rate of both product and process innovation. As a response to this growing trend, Equinix continues to offer strong support for private AI infrastructure, giving businesses a secure and high-performing platform for their digital transformations.