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IWD 2024: Empowering women for the FinTech revolutions future
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

Two decades ago, being a woman in the banking sector placed me in a distinct minority. However, the FinTech revolution has unfolded a myriad of vibrant career paths for women, from software development and digital design to IT engineering and product innovation. Despite these strides, the journey towards gender parity in tech remains daunting—women occupy a mere 11% of FinTech board positions and constitute less than a fifth of executive leadership roles.

The Power of Representation

The essence of representation cannot be overstated. Witnessing women excel and innovate in tech ignites ambition and redefines the realm of possibilities for the next generation. This ripple effect, powered by the stories of women's real-life professional journeys, instils a belief in the attainable: "If they can do it, so can I."

The Role of Female Role Models

Relatable female role models are indispensable for aspiring young women. The pioneering journey of Helen Sharman, the first British citizen to travel to space, exemplifies the limitless horizons that await girls with dreams of exploration. Similarly, women making waves in the tech sector serve as modern-day trailblazers, debunking stereotypes and showcasing the diverse career trajectories available in tech. Sharing these stories not only inspires but also enriches the tech landscape with inclusivity.

Amplifying Women's Voices

Studies suggest women often downplay their achievements, a tendency that hampers career advancement. This pattern is especially pronounced in the mortgage and tech sectors, where women's successes frequently go unsung. Elevating women's voices transcends the pursuit of gender equality; it introduces varied perspectives essential for innovation. Women must be encouraged to vocalise their ideas, challenge conventions, and play active roles in decision-making processes, thereby cultivating a more inclusive and vibrant tech ecosystem.

Advocating for Female Recruitment

The onus is on employers to facilitate women's entry into the tech domain. My commitment to this cause is reflected in my recruitment policy, insisting that one-third of candidates presented by recruiters are women. Recognising that traditional interviews may not fully capture women's capabilities, I advocate for practical skills assessments. My team at Mortgage Brain stands as a testament to the brilliance and diversity women bring to the workforce. Employers must embrace inclusive hiring practices, mentorship opportunities, and supportive work environments to champion gender diversity actively.

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentorship holds a special place in my heart. Observing the growth and burgeoning confidence of women embarking on their tech careers is profoundly rewarding. For women navigating the tech landscape, mentors can be transformative, offering guidance, sharing insights, and unlocking opportunities. This dynamic of support ensures the cultivation of tomorrow's leaders and innovators.

Organisations such as Working in Mortgages, Women In Banking & Finance, and Women In Tech provide invaluable resources for women seeking mentorship in these fields.

A Collective Endeavor

Fostering a diverse and inclusive industry is a shared responsibility. By highlighting women's achievements and creating environments where they can flourish, we pave the way for future generations. Mentorship, supportive workplace cultures, and gender-diverse leadership are pivotal in driving the industry towards a future marked by diverse thought, innovation, and unlimited potential. On this International Women's Day, let us celebrate the progress made and recommit to the journey ahead, ensuring women in FinTech are empowered, celebrated, and heard.