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DTEX Systems launches AI assistant to combat insider threats
Thu, 15th Feb 2024

DTEX Systems has revealed a new AI risk assistant to its InTERCEPT platform, making it the first organisation to capitalise on generative artificial intelligence (AI) to combat insider threats and mitigate data loss. The DTEX Ai Risk Assistant, a recent addition to the InTERCEPT platform, processes natural language to provide rapid and in-depth insight into the subtleties of insider risk and intent.

This service analyses rich behavioural telemetry from the InTERCEPT platform to promote guided investigations, prompting analysts to ask decisive questions. Explanations can reveal where sensitive information is going, how it is being transferred, and crucially, why, whilst maintaining the privacy of employees.

The DTEX Ai Risk Assistant utilises Microsoft Azure OpenAI. Still, rather than providing direct access to a customer dataset, it leverages DTEX Ai via InTERCEPT's patented Pseudonymization technique, which redacts personally identifiable information (PII) where needed, mitigating the risk of analyst and AI bias.

Marshall Heilman, DTEX Systems CEO, acknowledged that locating genuine insider threats bears resemblance to the proverbial needle in a haystack, especially given the ability of malicious insiders to conceal their activities. Heilman added, "Using the data gravity and machine learning capabilities of the DTEX InTERCEPT platform, the Ai Risk Assistant circumvents complex database searches and data wrangling, providing actionable insights that address the complexity of human behaviour in real-time."

Despite what Heilman describes as 'AI fatigue' amongst many organisations, he maintains that what differentiates the Ai Risk Assistant is not its AI capability but the underlying data science. Core to this is DTEX's innovative approach to data gathering, emphasised by behavioural enrichment, which ensures that sophisticated insider threats no longer go unnoticed. "The DTEX Ai Risk Assistant draws on this enriched telemetry, over 20 years of insider risk expertise and collaborative data-driven research to become a true insider risk subject matter expert," he added.

Insider threats are becoming increasingly expensive, with the average annual cost now exceeding USD $16 million. Furthermore, a study on the 2023 Cost of Insider Risks Global found that it takes an average of 86 days to contain an insider incident, and the longer it takes to contain, the higher the costs incurred. The same study found that 64% of organisations view AI as necessary or very important in the proactive detection of insider threats.

Given today's geopolitical climate, organisations are increasingly pressured to safeguard their data, personnel, and systems proactively. The DTEX Ai Assistant helps bridge a significant gap here by providing need-to-know. These data-driven insights not only support enterprise and federal organisations in defending vital resources against intellectual property theft, data leakages, and other insider-related incidents but also enhance existing expertise and bolster security operations.

The DTEX Ai Assistant is currently available in preview to select DTEX customers. It enables analysts to form pertinent search queries without needing detailed knowledge of the InTERCEPT platform, thereby streamlining insider investigations. Analysts can access DTEX documentation for immediate step-by-step system guidance or stay informed about the latest insider risk research and DTEX i Threat Advisories.