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DiDi Global adopts NICE's cloud-based WFM & EEM solutions
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

NICE, a global innovator in cloud-based technology, has announced DiDi Global as the latest company to adopt its Workforce Management (WFM) and Employee Engagement Manager (EEM) solutions. This move will enable DiDi to enhance its forecasting ability, manage contact centre operations internationally, and boost both operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Under this collaboration, NICE's Value Realisation Services will partner with Betta, one of NICE's biggest WFM customer bases worldwide. Their aim is to drive successful implementation by delivering integrations, consultation, training, and multi-country support services.

DiDi's global search for a highly scalable WFM solution that aligns with its core functional and technical prerequisites led them to select NICE's solutions. Across its operations in several continents, DiDi will now benefit from the combination of NICE's artificial intelligence (AI), versatility, and commitment to achieving hard-to-beat cost-efficiency and accuracy. Accurate, AI-driven forecasting will enable DiDi to have the right skilled agents available at the right times, thus enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

Thanks to NICE EEM, DiDi can respond to staffing needs in real-time and allow its agents to manage their work schedules independently. This leads to increased employee engagement and high job satisfaction. Additionally, NICE's Intelligent Intraday Automation with proactive Intraday Management capabilities helps pre-emptively resolve issues and make adjustments as needed.

Caio Poli, International Customer Experience Executive Director, DiDi Global, expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating, "NICE was the clear choice based upon multiple factors. We were looking for the best-in-class WFM cloud solution that would allow our worldwide operations to provide the best customer experience with operational efficiency and employee engagement by a solid organisation that we trust to deliver anywhere in the world. NICE Intelligent Intraday Automation capabilities are impressive, and our decision was driven by an AI-powered approach and the speed and flexibility of the cloud."

In response, Yaron Hertz, President, NICE Americas, expressed his optimism for the future success of the partnership, saying, "As DiDi continues its global expansion, NICE is excited for the opportunity to serve one of the most dynamic and innovative app-based transportation companies of the digital era. We believe that by selecting NICE’s AI-powered forecasting and machine learning best-fit scheduling for contact centres and employees, it will help energise DiDi’s future success.”