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Dexory unveils AI-powered engine to transform UK warehouse operations
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

The UK-based robotics and data intelligence firm, Dexory, has unveiled its pioneering AI-powered logistics engine, devised to boost warehouse operational proficiency, improve inventory management, and augment overall warehouse agility and reactivity.

The DexoryView, a multi-site, digital twin platform, will allow warehouse workers to process millions of precise data sets gathered daily across premises by autonomous robots. The technology presents real-time access to insights and predictive analytics, assisting businesses to make more informed and quicker decisions.

The technology's blend of machine learning, computer vision, large language models (LLM), and natural language processing (NLP) empowers warehouse operators to maximise productivity in areas like space utilisation, inventory, working time, and machinery utilisation.

The AI-powered applications of DexoryView aim to revolutionise three main areas of warehouse performance: warehouse operation, prompt issue detection and response, and environmental monitoring.

Slotting methods, consolidation of stock, optimal path planning, and space optimisation are some of the innovative processes set to enhance warehouse performance. These strategies can propel revenue and drive cost optimisation through rapid audit and analysis of inventory across reserve, pick, and bulk locations, thereby saving thousands of operation hours annually.

DexoryView's advanced issue detection and response capability incorporates high-tech image analysis and machine learning models to automatically identify and rectify issues like damaged stock, fallen inventory, and rack infrastructure damage to improve compliance. Additionally, the platform is equipped for environmental monitoring with sensor fusion across datasets, including temperature, humidity, and gas detection, to ensure the appropriate storage conditions for goods are met.

As per a study by Gartner, despite the overwhelming need for resilient supply chains in this age of pandemics and geopolitical issues, approximately 60% of business leaders say their supply chains are not built for resilience. Traditional systems lack the capability to manage the volume and frequency of data, forcing businesses to make uninformed decisions resulting in the Visibility Gap™. Last year, research and advisory firm, IHL Group, estimated the cost of stock mismanagement due to this gap at $1.77 trillion.

The innovative AI functionality of DexoryView intends to bridge this gap. The platform combines autonomous robot technology to scan warehouses of 1 million sq ft and over 100,000 pallets in a day, providing accurate, real-time information on goods and assets. The use of AI algorithms alongside enhanced sensors across Dexory's robots offers logistics teams accelerated time to insight and action, enabling them to make better data-driven decisions on operations through their interactive cloud platform.

According to Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-founder of Dexory, “The logistics industry has traditionally relied heavily on historical data snapshots, making it highly reactive and prone to error. However, the pandemic has initiated a major shift towards real-time and actionable insights. Our autonomous robots already offer an unprecedented level of visibility on inventory within warehouses. Now, combined with AI, we are enabling our customers to enter a new era of efficiency and productivity. Dexory is excited to be leading this transformation.”

By addressing critical use cases with innovative technologies, Dexory plans to advance the industry, making supply chains more efficient, agile, and responsive to emerging challenges.