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Dell launches updated NativeEdge 2.0 for streamlined edge operations
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Dell Technologies has announced the launch of NativeEdge 2.0, the latest version of their automated and secure edge operations software platform. Aimed at equipping organisations with the necessary tools to securely and centrally manage their edge operations across multiple locations, NativeEdge 2.0 comes with new features and improvements designed to optimise investments and drive efficiency.

Edge computing has revolutionised the way modern businesses operate in the digital world. It provides a platform for data computation and processing close to its source, facilitating rapid decision making and the leveraging of AI applications. Despite its benefits, managing edge operations across various devices, locations, and applications can be expensive and challenging. Enter Dell's NativeEdge, designed to secure, streamline and optimise entire edge estates.

Dell's NativeEdge streamlines edge operations on a large scale, facilitating centralised management, zero-touch deployment, secure device onboarding, and automated application and infrastructure management. The innovation sets the foundation for consistent operations from the edge to the multicloud environment. NativeEdge powers up businesses to unlock the full potential of their data through faster, easier, and cost-effective operations. It deploys, manages and secures end-to-end AI-based solutions, thus permitting businesses to capitalise on AI at the edge and deliver value faster.

The introduction of NativeEdge 2.0 is a landmark achievement as it brings a host of new features and capabilities. These include Blueprints that streamline and accelerate key ISV and AI applications' orchestration with pre-configured settings, application orchestration across hybrid environments, expanded edge environment support, enhanced security capabilities, and new subscription options.

Blueprints are part of NativeEdge's comprehensive automation tool for edge solutions, designed to automate the provisioning, configuring, deploying, and validating an edge solution. The system reduces time, effort, and resources, ensuring consistency and compliance across the edge environment. With Blueprints, organisations can define application settings, infrastructure resources, network configurations, custom workflows, and scripts required for their edge solution in a single file. With a single command, developers or IT operators can then deploy the application across multiple edge devices and various developmental stages.

Dell has validated a selection of new NativeEdge Blueprints for AI-enabled industry applications. These are specifically devised for the most common and crucial edge applications in manufacturing and retail. The pre-validated Blueprints seek to enhance the edge applications' performance, reliability and security, while accelerating time to value.

NativeEdge 2.0 also introduces seamless application orchestration across hybrid environments. This new feature provides more flexibility in choosing the best infrastructure for edge applications and streamlines their orchestration. Other updates include expanded edge environment support and improved security with Zero Trust enabling technologies.

Dell has also introduced three-year subscription plans for NativeEdge, offering extended savings, lower costs, and predictable budgeting for its clients. With its array of new features and improvements - from Blueprints for application orchestration to enhanced security capabilities - Dell NativeEdge 2.0 attempts to elevate organisations' ability to securely scale their edge environments, optimise their investments, and boost efficiency.