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Code Institute celebrates year of successes in tech education
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

Code Institute, a renowned global player in software development education, has hailed 12 months of extraordinary achievements, reinforcing its key role in the tech education scene. The Institute has been key in stimulating innovation and accessibility in tech education, with a focus on AI skills and boasting a 98% employment rate for graduates.

A leading force for software development programmes in the UK and Europe, Code Institute has displayed consistent growth across Europe. This success is marked by several groundbreaking initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity in tech and making coding accessible to all, regardless of location.

Government-funded options for course content have been secured in a range of European countries, including Ireland, the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. Praised for its commitment to diversity in the tech industry, its first fully funded programme for hearing-impaired students was recently launched. The Institute has also continued its Coding Careers for Women schemes in partnership with educational organisations. This aims to bridge the gender gap in software development and make tech education more accessible to all.

With the rapid growth of AI and emerging technologies in the job market, Code Institute has reiterated the pressing need for continued BootCamp funding. It identifies these programmes as pivotal in businesses' fight to stay relevant in an AI-driven future.

Through its extensive range of courses, Code Institute has already helped over 48,000 people gain exposure to software development. A free 5-day coding challenge provides potential students with an introduction to key HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. In addition, the diploma and certificate programmes provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to forge a successful career in software development.

The Institute's network of hiring partners has significantly grown, now surpassing 2000 in key markets. This reflects a commitment to fostering strong relationships with industry frontrunners, providing direct routes for graduates into the workforce. Alongside the career support team, the Institute has been instrumental in enabling 98% of its graduates to secure employment in software development within a year.

Code Institute's learning portfolio focuses on essential skills not just now but in the future, too. The selection of Python, the leading language in AI, as its main programming language, encapsulates this forward-looking approach. Furthermore, students can elect to specialise in Predictive Analytics and AI, a pathway that will prepare them for the future of coding.

Jubilant over the Institute's accomplishments, CEO Jim Cassidy stated, "These milestones reflect Code Institute's commitment to providing accessible, high-quality education in software development. We are proud to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape."

Looking ahead, Code Institute is excited about its prospects for continued success in 2024. They are planning to launch many new education products and are committed to shaping the future of software development education.