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CAST Imaging unveils new software intelligence tool aimed at engineers
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

CAST, a specialist in software intelligence technology, has announced the unveiling of its product, CAST Imaging. This is a pioneering imaging tool for software applications, primarily devised to significantly streamline and expedite processes for engineers involved in the upkeep, modernisation, and creation of complex software applications.

The recent release extends the previous functionality, introducing enhanced user experience (UX) features and advanced search capabilities. The product update now offers users sophisticated search and filter options, improved cross-application dependencies mapping, a new and enhanced selection of migration Advisors, and an entirely reengineered context menu - all intended to provide instant access to vital insights and information.

As an intuitive browser-based application, CAST Imaging allows the intricate visual clarity of software systems. The tool educates by automatically understanding how a software application operates, mapping tens of thousands of code elements and their interrelationships into a living archive of the software's interior scaffolding. This process facilitates architects and software developers to promptly locate what they require.

CAST Imaging also elevates the possibilities for visualising and managing application structures. Users now have the option to utilise advanced filtering possibilities, pinpointing issues in security, error handling, and performance efficiency. A key addition to the product is an expanded impact analysis capability. This allows users to more effectively evaluate the aftereffects of modifications to UI and database tables and isolate the regression tests scope after modifying applications.

In announcing the update, CAST Imaging Vice President, Luc Perard, said, "This significant update is all about making it easier and faster for engineers to find the answers they need when altering existing applications. This might be part of ongoing maintenance or a comprehensive modernisation effort. Its aim is to allow engineers to act more quickly and with greater certainty as they navigate the convolutions within the applications."

This update enhances CAST Imaging's inherent ability for understanding software application mechanics. It improves the visual distinction of dependencies between applications, allowing users to filter based on languages, frameworks, and database engines. This function is crucial when refactoring applications for the cloud. Ordinarily, identifying all breaks in these cross-application dependencies is a painstaking process, taking months. However, CAST Imaging now instantaneously showcases these.

The release also adds to the suite of Advisors, which offer personalised recommendations to help speed up and streamline application modernisation and cloud migration programmes. The mainframe-to-AWS Advisor has received a boost, now capable of undertaking 50% more checks. As an additional new feature, a database migration Advisor is included to assist users in transitioning from DB2 to MySQL.