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Brite Payments announces partnership with Northe EV
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

Swedish instant payments provider, Brite Payments, has partnered with Northe EV to deliver customers a streamlined payment process for home EV charging reimbursements. A part of the partnership includes leveraging Brite Data Solutions for efficient account holder information verification in the reimbursement process. The first phase of the collaboration specifically focuses on the utilisation of Brite Instant Payouts to make reimbursements easier for leasing companies.

Founded in 2020 and equipped with compelling funding in 2023, Northe facilitates the management of everyday EV charging needs via an all-in-one platform. The platform connects to a vast network of public, semi-public, and private partners. Through Northe’s charging application, both private and business customers can access thousands of charging stations simultaneously connecting numerous operators, markedly eliminating disruption in the payment and reimbursement process.

In his statement, Abdulwahid Ahmed, Chief Operations Officer, Northe said, "Our objective is to resolve the charging issues many fleet operators and EV customers face, which could impede the transition away from fossil fuels to greener alternatives. Teaming up with Brite enables us to provide leasing companies with the necessary tools to simplify the reimbursement process and bestow users with a more seamless charging experience."

Despite the progression in e-mobility, crucial infrastructure challenges continue to persist, particularly for businesses managing EV fleets’ charging, payments and reimbursements. Rental car firms can make EV rentals more desirable to customers by offering integrated charging and payment solutions. This strategy is notably evident in Northe’s collaboration with Avis.

In the context of Northe’s firm stance in the industry, Sebastian Pruszynski, VP - Business Development, Brite Payments commented, "Nordic firms like Northe are addressing the challenges of EV transformation head-on, with innovative solutions that aid in the green transition. It's exhilarating to support Northe’s mission starting with our Data and Instant Payouts solutions; our objective is to make EV charging services simpler and more intuitive."

The partnership comes amidst rapid expansion in the EV sector, with plans for Northe to serve more European markets geographically. On this aspect, Ahmed added, "With Northe expanding quickly and offering services across an increasing number of European countries, Brite gives us the reliability and scalability we require to confidently break into new markets and boost the capabilities of our all-in-one platform."